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Importance of Free Trial Shopify POS to Newbies

When trying out something for the first time, most people would prefer trying it out for free if they are required to pay for it. Since Shopify understands this concept, it allows for a 14 day trial period. As much as the free trial period acts as a marketing strategy, you need to know that it is more than that. For someone who is wants to invest in e-commerce, here are some of the things you can do with the free trial period;

  • Get familiar with the platform

The best way of learning Shopify is by taking your time in it. Navigate the different pages and take note of the things you feel will e of value in the future. Knowing your way around the platform will give you an easy time of getting things done fast. It is also the perfect time to get in touch with the customer care and have them help you where you need clarification.

  • Explore the POS

Shopify POS is nothing like you have seen before. It has both hardware and software hence you need to take your time and learn about these features. Remember that when it comes to receiving payments, you need to make sure that you make work easy for your customers. By learning about the POS, you will discover the perfect hardware or software to use plus if there are any other plug-ins, you could use to make the POS work better for you.

  • Decide on a plan

When you are using the free trial period to build your online shop, you are merely gauging your shop and getting more familiar with it before you invest. By doing this, you will probably discover the best plan for you. Remember that the type of subscription you choose should be determined by what you intend to do with your online shop. Otherwise, you can always start with the cheapest plan and upgrade whenever you feel like your shop is grown and needs other better features.


According to statistics, many Shopify merchants build their online shops from the 14-day free trial before injecting money. No one likes to risk their money especially when he or she knows what he or she needs. The trial period allows you to find out if Shopify is what you have been looking for or not. By accepting the free trial, you are doing your business a great favor as you will then understand why you need to invest in your store.

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